There is Hussian September 01

After losing Everything

After losing Everything

by: Naqi Haider


After losing everything,
When nothing is lost
There Is Hussian

For hearts that ache
With love and sorrow
There Is Hussian

In tiny bodegas
in East Harlem
in tenement houses
in the projects
There is Hussian

In museums on 5th Avenue
Behind tempered glass
in gentrified Brooklyn
in broken hearts
and behind broken winds
There is Hussian  

In Queens
In the Bronx
in the streets of Manhattan
on Park Avenue
In yellow cabs
in Homeless shelters
and in empty homes
There is Hussain 

In Rohingya refugee camps
In Uyghur interment camps
In the refugee camps in: Calai, Rafa, Zaatari
On the shores of the Mediterranean
In boats packed, with human cargo
There is Hussian 

In the streets of Ferguson
And at the southern border
Where families are ripped apart
And Men and children are in cages

In Kashmir beneath
The majesty of mountains
in an open air prison
on the streets of Hong Kong

For every heart that is oppressed
In every breath that seeks freedom
There is Hussian 

Among trillions of grains of desert sand
Each with billions upon billions of atoms
There is Hussian 

In the vast stretches of the sky
between the moons of Jupiter
on the craters of Ganymede
under the ice of Europa
between Io and Callisto
beyond Saturn, Neptune and Pluto
There is Hussian 

Our sun one among billions
The milky way, one amongst trillions

In the unreachable parts of space
before the beginning of time itself

In the heart of God
There is Hussain

After losing everything
When nothing is lost
There is Hussain

There is Hussian

There is Hussian