Justin Tyler : Patience a Poem




by: Justin Tyler

I was…
Purposely lied to
Under the veil of ignorance…
Heard all the arguments
from all of the audience
As I, staged my way
Through purposeless days…
My nights consumed with,
contemplation and reading
Like Malcolm X confined in his solitude
My journey to Islam –
Behind bars, under the surveillance
of the North Star
Half of my khandan were Muslims
Comprised of:
Sunni, Nation of Islam, 5 Percenters
Even my big brother converted to Islam…
But soon, he returned back to Christianity
Still didn’t make a difference to me…
See…, I was aware of MY destiny
A beautiful struggle towards honesty
I went to church, but
something was missing…
I read the Bible, yet
completion was missing.
I even had uncles that were pastors.
Still, my hunger was steady, like my first Ramadan
So, I followed my heart…
Attended mosques and masjids as an inquirer
I guess you can say, as a, secret admirer…
Who couldn’t dare to introduce himself
Not yet…
I can’t and will not forget, when we formally met
Through my shihada at the IC, circa 2014
I was only Muslim then…
Speaking to my Sunni barber about Muharram
His face puzzled…, my face jubilant!
Oblivious to the Sunni-Shia divide…

I knew nothing about the Tragedy of Karbala…
The “Ya Hussains,” matham, the river of tears
Flooded my conscious and begged me to ask
“Who is Hussain?…”
After 10 days of lectures, conversations, research and observation,
there was no more need to explain.
I’m a Shia Muslim,
my truth culminated… in his name.