Divine Inspiration: Hussain is from me and I am from Hussain

Inspiration flows like a river;  rivers flow through the earth into the enormous and powerful depths of the sea, similarly inspiration flows through our bodies and becomes a central part of our being, giving rise to wisdom, insight, and beauty.

Throughout our lives we are nourished emotionally, psychologically and most importantly motivated by the things that inspire us. My sense of motivation comes from a man who stood on the plains of Karbala with his body bleeding from the wounds of spears and arrows, calling out for help. His call echos throughout the ages, forcing us to examine our own lives–are we standing on the side of truth? Are we standing on the side of Justice? Who will respond to Hussain?

“hal min nasirin yansurna”

is there anyone to help me?

Hussain the beloved grandson of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was martyred on the 10th of Muharram by Yazid ibne Muawaiya, a tyrannical despot of his time.

Hussain is the brightness of the sun and the illumination of the moon. Raised by Alī ibn Abī Ṭālib (referred to as the commander of the faithful) and Prophet Muhammad himself.  The first sound Hussain heard was that of the Prophet’s  voice. The Prophet not only named his grandson but also reared his growth in all aspects of his life. It is narrated in many hadiths that the prophet referred to Hussain as a part of himself. One famous narration is by Imam Trimidhi, who stated that, the Prophet has been found to have said that:

“Hussain is from me and I am from Hussain.”

Regarding this Sayyid Tabatabai has said:

“Hussain is the one that Muhammad gave his fingers to suck on. Sometimes he gave him his thumb to suck and sometimes his tongue so that his nature can be inculcated into him; the child whom the Prophet himself reared.”

Hussain was a mirror image of the Prophet’s faith.

To this day hearing Hussain’s cry of  “hal min nasirin yansurna”  brings about an immense feeling of sorrow and pain. Tears flow down the cheeks and revitalize a deep source of inspiration within. The phrase alone is so powerful because it lets you see the beauty and depth of Hussain’s spirit. A true definition of patience and perseverance he remained steadfast–on the path of haq in the face of batil–when the water to his camp is cut off (even little children and women were denied access to water at the behest of Yazid’s Army) . Between the 7th-10th Muharram, Hussain and his companions faced so much agony and were afflicted with every kind of discomfort  yet all remained defiant towards their goal of truth and justice.  After three harsh days of thirst, famine, pain and grief, on Muharram 10th Hussain was martyred along with his 72 companions.

To be  inspired is allowing the window of inward contemplation to open and ultimately grow in unity with heavenly light. For me, a deep and comprehensive study of Hussain’s life has done just that. His name alone is an infinite source of inspiration. Beyond the place of fear and darkness, there is a torch that guides us and helps me not to stray from my the path of righteousness. Hussain is the ultimate source of character building. He teaches us that the degree of one’s excellent is not based on power or wealth but on morals.

Hussain was a revolutionary. To fall in love with Hussain is to embody his spirit–to become inspired,  and partake in his revolution.

Muharram In Manhattan

Hussain Is from me and I am from Hussain


Sana Khawar in NYC activist has a baccalaureate is psychology and is currently studying alternative medicine.