Ali Gee : Motivational Muslim, Charity and Belly of the Beast

Motivational Muslim

I think about all the sadness and the tears that I have seen
And then I remember I’m like every other human being
Flawed and insecure, arrogant and mean
Black dot on my soul no one else has ever seen

What’s it all for? Just to live and die young
Or old and fragile, my fathers youngest son
Then i snap back to my journey, yea it’s just begun
Live for the moment with paradise on my tongue

Ill live like Ali and I’ll die like Hussain
Persons that are worthy to mention by name
I’ll rise like a man stand up thru the rain
Or get crushed like a flower whose smell lingers the same

They didn’t die in vain the message lives on
Many years ago they stood up to the wrong
Disciples of the pure brave, hearts were so strong
Crushed intolerance swiftly and they spread the quran

We gotta change our ways,  gotta brave the pain
We can’t be the same people that we were yesterday
With hatred in our veins and lust with no shame
So I trust with no games and fight with my brain

I live for the moment cuz i might die today
Got a smile on my face everytime that i contemplate
These words ain’t ubiquitous this blessing is a miracle
I am my own army and i try to be sensible

Ill live like Ali and I’ll die like Hussain
Persons that are worthy to mention by name
I’ll rise like a man stand up thru the rain
Or get crushed like a flower whose smell lingers the same

Ill chat with ya like we came from same blood
Ill treat you like family, a smile is enough
Im falling off the cliff i need a little tug
Or maybe a rope to grab onto when it’s rough

It swings back and forth for everytime i might slip
Look above and try to tighten my grip
Climb up to inner peace and companionship
As much as we fall, as bad as it all,
Seems we still believe in the one ness of infinity

We’re not meant to preach, but to remove a hearts disease
That permeates your subconscious and transforms into deeds
How you act, what you think, and what you speak
So take the reins and control your speech
Everything else will follow to make your spirit unique

And become one… With infinity



I am a human
Now, i hope that’s not needed to be said, but the necessity is proven
Does God withhold love and mercy on other beings?
Even the wickedest can find a reason
To keep fighting thru life and start shining

Am i guaranteed a place in heaven just because I’m a Muslim
With the worst character, does my title put me before a Jew or Christian
There were enemies of God that claimed to be Muslim

It’s a matter of sincerity and what’s in your heart
How you transcribe your emotions into the sacred art
Of practice through deeds and remembrance
The act of repentance and acting with kindness

Islam isn’t merely saying I’m Muslim and just memorizing
But it is a way of life. Not for mere regurgitation
But how we survive, thrive, and how we choose to live this life

We must consistently put good deeds in front of our wants and needs
Heed the knowledge in the words that we read

Pay heed to the commands of the supreme
Treat everyone with justice
Cuz that just is a basic truth indeed
Help the precious creation that the creator deemed
Worthy of existence

So i separate MY existence into three
FIRST I’m a human being
Second a Muslim of the DEEN
And LASTLY i CONSIDER myself a Shia of Ali

Ponder on what i speak
Would the prophet discriminate
And leave an atheists mouth empty
Would he harbor hate because someone was different
Or would he love us equally

Some people suggest it despite how it sounds but…
Would he turn his face and frown
Stare at the ground, turn his back
And leave so proud
He wouldn’t shun anyone and say don’t speak to me
I’m chosen by God, don’t tarnish my legacy
The ego is a terrible thing, the prophet crushed his, that’s what it’s meant to be

Lead by the examples of those we follow
Think about what you hear, don’t just swallow
And try to help everybody so we can have a better tomorrow


Belly of the beast


We’ve been chewed up, but we still scream for peace
The world can’t hear us, were in the belly of the beast
Stuck in this cycle, can’t get no sleep
Tossing and turning around my bed sheets
Some one else out there can’t make ends meet
Children are starving, were so close to defeat
So i go and do ablutions so i can pray on my knees
The connections so deep like a knife to a murderer

Cut my self out of this modern day barrier
I’m running across the globe dodging drone strikes and harriers
My motives are so pure there’s no need for an ulterior
The message is from one and I’m just like a courier
So i can get to your door and say, sallam i can relate to ya
We know money corrupts and leaders feel superior
But were all equal no ones inferior
I feel like a warrior that’s gifted with light

You say I’m so cool and also polite
Well that’s only because of this religion in my life
I’m trying to hold on, every day is like a fight
There’s good in the daytime and evil in the night
Checking my surroundings and I’m in constant fright
Somehow i still feel so safe despite
Everything going on, i know it’s alright
So i connect with my lord let my soul  take flight
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Ali Gulamali (Gee) is a student at Baruch College in NYC. His main focus in regards to writing is hip hop, he considers himself a conscious artist and believes hip hop is a “voice for the people”. He considers Poetry to be a positive outlet. “Write your heart out and be free from your cage!”


The YouTube clips are form Al QAIM: Al Khoei Youth Group. Find more information about their events on there Facebok Page.